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About Decor Lover

 a DECORLOVER, Interior Designer and Flamingo enthusiast.

Creating amazing spaces inspired by the coast and the tropics is my passion. 

I'm mad about interiors, home decor and how awesome you can feel in your home! I am THAT girl in homewares stores, in restaurants in cafes checking out the decor finding inspiration everywhere and sharing it with you all!

We detox, we exercise we read inspiring books yet so many of us don't detox/ refresh our homes because we just don't know where to start.

A healthy inspiring home creates a healthy inspired soul! Your home is your place to recharge, unwind and get inspired so why not make it amazing. something you are proud of that makes you feel great.

After years of owning my tropical homewares store and with a diploma in Interior Design behind me, my sole purpose is to help people transform their old out of date homes that no longer reflect their style into fresh new spaces that inspire and make you want to entertain in.

Your home is a real reflection of who you are and who you want to be.



it all started a couple of years ago after a trip to South Beach Miami I was so inspired by the bright tropical furnishings at the gorgeous Art deco hotel we stayed at. I was back home and it was winter and I had post holiday blues and I said .. right.. I loved Miami so much I want home to be a little more Miami please!! I want to come home after a long day at work and feel like I am on holiday!

I searched High and low for retro tropical themed homewares that suit the modern day and could not find any anywhere… So I sourced some beautiful Fabric from Hawaii and I made my own ottomans and cushion covers and launched a Tropical homewares company called Otto+Mann! 

After this I knew I wanted to do more.. I didn't just want to recommend a cushion I wanted to transform whole rooms, spaces, houses and cafes in my tropical, coastal art deco style!  So I ventured out and educated myself and have not stopped since!

The majority of clients I attract, like me have a thing for the coastal tropical or Hamptons vibe but want something unique and just don't know where to start.

My clients don't want a package deal look, they want unique inspired pieces that make their home feel amazing.

Every client I work with is unique and I take the time getting to know them, their passions, how they want to feel in their home an of course together we uncover their style.

Trust me, having a home that you love coming home to, wakening up in  and that you always want to invite people to is such a great feeling, its grounding, its inspiring and energising!

I love that I get to help people create awesome homes.

When I heard about e-decorating ( huge in the USA) I got so excited because it meant I can offer my services to people  around Australia and the world and re design a whole room and space for under $300 on top of that I could also offer industry discounts to my customers.

Now everyone can have an awesome designer looking home filled with things they love using their own furniture as well as new pieces and layout.

Heres to tropical breezes, big smiles and beautiful spaces!

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