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Bedroom Makeover ! Fab in the bedroom.. time to make your bedroom your Sanctuary.

Posted on 28 January 2016

I recently made over my bedroom and it feels amazing! Its summer time, so fresh linen sheets, a cool drink and a ceiling fan make my sanctuary heaven. I actually fantasise about escaping, reading books in bed and sipping tea in there ( really wild right?).

We live in an apartment by the sea, often the wind rattles our windows and I take great comfort in being all snuggled up in bed or on the hot nights as the crickets chirp I love that this room is just dedicated to being relaxing. When you do live in a small space often the bedroom is overlooked as a place to just "be" but this is a beautiful place for relaxation, sleeping and love.

 The bedroom was standard when we moved in, a great size but yellowy butter cream walls with curtains and old built ins. Starting with a coat of Dulux Natural white and White white on the ceilings and an oversized eccentric Tahitian leaf Fan the room has had an amazing lift and now feels like a coastal colonial retreat!

Heres the before shot. This was how the room was marketed to us when we bought the place. It was really important to me that the bedroom be a complete retreat and have my own personal style.

The make over is not yet complete as we are still waiting on the built ins but you can see what a difference a brighter colour on the walls, new art, furniture and a bedspread can do.

These are just simple steps that can change the feel of the whole room!



This room has no TV in it just a big comfy bed. I decided I wanted to turn my bedroom into a tranquil paradise and I LOVE it so much now. In fact I can't wait to go to bed some nights and on the weekends I truly am in my happy place.I have set m room up and surrounded myself with things I love so its heaven to lay in bed and relax.

If you have troubles getting to sleep then making over your room is exactly what you need. Setting a nightly ritual is so important and putting phones and media away an hour before bed is a must. Instead pick up a book, do a meditation or simply talk to your loved one. Do these little things that calm you and make you happy.

I normally fall asleep after 3 pages of my book however that is still a lot better than checking emails or checking social media. Set yourself up for a beautiful night sleep so you can face the next day from a better place.

I bought myself some new linen and this amazing pillow top mattress topper so bed is now a fluffy cloud. I also bought myself a new doona cover that is beachy and relaxing. I normally go a little bright and a crazy in the winter time when the skies are grey.

I often collect palm fronds and pop them in a vase by the bed a reminder of my tropical destinations I have been and now the whole room feels like a holiday!

This now became my new space to do the things I wanted to do besides sleep and snuggle, like read insightful books, listen to music or meditate.

Is it time you did a detox of your room? this is your space, it should feel light and airy and calm and inspiring.

I am so passionate about people creating a stunning sanctuary that I have just written an Ebook with my 6 steps to transforming your bedroom into a zen space and keeping it that way. This book also includes the full transformation of my room and loads of other inspiring styles.

Enter your email address in the newsletter section and I will send you through a copy of my book.

 Please feel free to send me some pictures once you have made over your bedroom as I would love to see!

Lots of Love



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