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Your visual feng shui guide to a zen bedroom

Posted on 11 June 2016

Your visual feng shui guide to a zen bedroom.

Feng shui fascinates me… it stems from eastern tradition over 5000 years old across areas of Asia where if you were building a home the first person you contact was a fang shui master (not an architect or builder). 

There are little things you can do to make your environment feel beautiful and attract more abundance, love, positivity and fortune. Feng shui is an awesome tool to attract more of what you want in your life.

Things like placement of front door to attract prosperity. Placement of furniture inside to create a flow of positive energy. 

 Often the benefits of Feng shui are felt, not necessarily seen.

Shifting energy can be as simple as the placement of the front door to attract prosperity or the placement of furniture inside to create a flow of positive energy. 

Often the benefits of feng shui are felt and not necessarily seen.

visual feng shui guide

Feng shui for the bedroom

I like to start with the bedroom first as it is such a special place in your home where you rest, make love and rejuvenate. It is relaxing, it is sensual and it is comforting.

Here are my top tips and simple updates you can make to your room to increase your positive energy and harmony and remove stagnant negative energy.

 Placement of your bed.

This is an important factor; a very grounding area of the bedroom and positioning is key! Beds should be placed against the wall opposite the door. You should always allow a clear view to the door. 

Where possible have a bed with legs. Make sure there is no under bed storage that may block energy flow which is important while you sleep.

Make sure your bed can be accessed from both sides. 

As I mentioned your bed should be up against a wall not a window (where possible) and should be grounded with twin side tables. These appeal to the left and right side of the brain and create a feeling of balance.

Colour choice for Feng shui. Color is a really simple way to shift the energy in your home.  

  • White in fengshui is a supportive energy and promotes creativity.  As an interior designer I normally recommend using a bright white in the home and then introducing colour through wall art and furnishings.  

  • There are 5 elements to Feng shui derived from nature and each element hosts a family of colors as seen in my chart below.  

  • Wood, fire , earth metal and water.


     Fire: red Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink

     Earth: Yellow Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown 

    Water: Blue, black, grey and silver family 

    Wood: green and brown family through to black 


    Fire : The strongest of the elements is considered lucky, joyful, exciting, sensual and bold however it is not recommended if you have insomnia or anxiety. 


    Earth : Represents happiness and happy gatherings especially in the bold colours like strong yellow. 


    Water : Instills calm and attracts wealth ( also works really well with wood element). 
 Wood: Excellent for improving your health, wellbeing and balancing family life. 


    Wood: Excellent for improving your health, wellbeing and balancing family life. 

  • Here are some examples of colour use in the bedroom:

visual guide to feng shui bed

visual guide to feng shui bedroom

 Remove technology

Remove electrical goods. First, think about what feng shui is about. You see, it’s attracting a flow of positive energy around your room. So imagine what all those electrical waves do to that flow of energy, they actually change the energy.

Often, especially with televisions. They are a common source of bad news, sad stories and mindless distraction. Now I’m not saying don’t watch TV, I’m just saying get it out of the bedroom. Same goes for your phone and other devices.

 Think about furniture

Think about furniture flow. When positioning furniture do not restrict free passage through the room as this is a reflection of flowing energy. You should be able to sit with your back to a wall wherever possible.

 Use a mirror

In traditional feng shui, mirrors are believed to reflect positive energy (which we love). However, do not put them where you can see your reflection from bed as it can be draining on energy if they reflect you while you sleep.

Clear the energy

Burn candles and incense with a weekly clearing of the energy in your room. How do you do this?

Play some positive music, open all of your windows and burn some incense or a candle that you love. Clear away the clutter and (this one is a little funny) clap loudly in the corners of each room to move out any negative energy.

You may feel a little funny doing this little routine once a week but it doesn’t take long, and the result is a tidy, beautiful-smelling, positive space so its worth it!

 Maintain light and air

Light and fresh air are so important so be sure to regularly open your curtains and windows. A frequent airing of your room will remove stale energy.

Natural light from windows and skylights are great to maintain energy levels.

 Add a plant

Add a plant on the far side of your room not next to your bed: the best spot (to attract wealth) is the left corner of a room from its entranceway. If you want to be more classic in your money plant selection, go for a jade plant that’s a more traditional symbol of wealth.

This brings in freshness, vibrant, living energy to your room as well as purifies your air. It is said that there are good feng shui and bad feng shui plants so things like lucky bamboo, money trees and anything with large, soft leaves are great. Anything spiky like cacti are considered bad feng shui.


 Experiment with crystals

In feng shui, crystals are widely used for the vibration and energy they bring into your home.

For example, rose quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart. Feng shui-wise, the rose quartz crystal emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing.

Black tourmaline and hematite have strong protective energies, while citrine helps heal self-esteem issues, as well as attract wealth and abundance.

You don’t need to have a whole table full of crystals but just a couple by your bed or on a side table.



Feng shui is fascinating. It stems from eastern tradition over 5000 years old across areas of Asia where if you were building a home the first person you contact was a feng shui master (not an architect or builder).

It is essentially an interior design practice with a focus on harmonizing the environment so that you “thrive” in every aspect of your life!

Feng shui has such a beautiful, simple message about clearing space for new positive energy flow and clearing out negative energy. Just start with one or two steps in feng shui and slowly add more every week.

As I say to my customers these are little things you can do for YOU to make your environment feel beautiful and positive and attract more abundance, love, and fortune.

Here is my round up of feng shui for an abundant, positive bedroom:

  1. Clear the space: make sure there is nothing blocking the flow around the room and under the bed. A de-cluttered space is a de-cluttered mind.
  2. Weekly energy clearing of your room: this involves opening windows up and burning some candles or incense. Also, during the week try to keep windows open and light pouring in where possible.
  3. Add a plant: add in a gorgeous plant or succulent which will recycle your air and add a burst of nature to your room.
  4. Ground your bed: make sure your bed is against a wall with twin side tables and can be accessed both sides (where possible).
  5. Add in a couple of crystals.

My biggest tip is to just HAVE FUN WITH IT! Change your space up every so often and really enjoy your space and use it for great things!

x Jess


 This post was also shared with the Amazing Anna Johnson Hill, she has an awesome chart available for download too at this link. http://annajohnsonhill.com/visual-feng-shui-guide/


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