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Why wellness begins at home.

Posted on 21 April 2016

  This blog post will equip you with the tools to detox and transform your home into your ultimate happy place. (what it should be!)

Recently I have learnt a lot about how your environment effects your life.

I have learnt that many of the feelings and symptoms we regularly feel, from feeling exhausted right through to headaches and sore backs can often be caused by stress.

This does not surprise me. As a society we are over worked, over fed yet under nourished. 

A while back I found myself in THAT cycle of work hard, no time for food prep, always had a huge "to do list" of improvements I wanted to do at home. I was tired, had a funny gut and I never felt rested so the cycle would continue. I thought that was just how life is... well it doesn't have to be. Unfortunately it took me till my mid 30s to figure this out but I have always been that one to learn things in my own special way.

Work is work.. we can't control that too much.. it would be great if we could all adore what we do but at that point in my life I didn't so I was often under pressure and fairly stressed. But where we come home to and where start and finish our days ... this is ours. This is where the magic can happen! 

I can honestly say creating a space that inspires you to relax, read a book, do some art, create delicious dishes and generally just feel awesome in is a huge game changer. Its the biggest gift you can give yourself... and lets face it, nobody else is going to do it for you.

Now I am all for a chill on the couch with a netflix binge every now and then, absolutely must be done. But I normally reserve those for when I am sick with the flu or something similar.

How does your home make you feel right now?

Have you carved out a happy place for yourself? A yoga space, a sunny corner with your favourite book and a luscious plant? A little retreat for yourself?

Are there chemicals in your home that are messing with your hormones or adding toxins to your body?

What about feng shui?

Lets create a space that makes you feel amazing!

how to get started... Take a look around your home. What do you love? take stock of the things that are fantastic in there!

What don't you like? How can we improve it? Do we need to de clutter? Put some things in storage or throw out some things? A clutter free home means a clutter free mind.

Head into your kitchen and bathroom. Are they full of chemical products? Get rid of them. Swap out your body lotions and washes for natural products . There are a variety of beautiful natural products for cleaning your home available from Australian suppliers online or of course most cleaning solutions can be made from vinegar, essential oils and bi carb of soda. Jump on google.

NOW Put some good stuff in. Buy some beautiful herbal teas, always make sure there is some great fresh produce in your fridge so you can prepare nourishing food and yummy healthy snacks. 

Check out these DELICIOUS juices and raw snacks I styled for the gorgeous sisters at Flawless Feast! These girls make eating clean delish and run retreats around the world!

Its time to create a special space just for you. whether it is for yoga, meditation or simply relaxing on a rainy day. Find a spot somewhere in your home where you won't be disturbed and make it your happy place! Make sure its comfy, whether it is cushions on the floor or a big single chair or even bed. Make sure it has pretty cushions. A plant is always great to have in your space because they are proven to increase well being AND they recycle your air for you. A couple of yummy candles with a scent you love. Your favourite read and perhaps some crystals or some inspirational quotes or artwork you love. Whatever inspires you put it in this special place. Make a deal with yourself to use this space a minimum of 3x per week... whether its the morning or after you eat your dinner.

Check out these beautiful images of an inspiring space created by a couple of girls I think are amazing who's lifes passion is to inspire positivity. Kate Caddle and Ange Simson (from the Gratitude project) for their inspiring evening Genuine connections. 

Now that you have created your special space and committed to using it lets take a look at the rest of the home. We already know what we do like and what we don't like. How can we make this home more amazing? Does it need an update? Simple things like cushions and a rug and some art can immediately re vamp the whole room without costing the earth. What colours inspire you? what scenes make you happy? How do you want to feel when you come home after work? Energised?  Relaxed? totally at home.

Write down three things you want to feel in your home and keep those in mind. Again take stock of your room and ask yourself can I swap some things out in here to give it a revamp? Can I swap the cushions? Change the rug? get a new book shelf? New Lamp? Start small with just a couple of items and try them in your home. If they work keep going!

 Here are my non negotiables for your bedroom and lounge.

1. Whats your thing? Is it reading? Is it writing? Crystals, meditation, tarot cards, magazines? what ever your thing is.. the thing that makes you happy.. have those in your space! let them be a reminder to stop and take time out to do what you love. Put these things on your table. Style them, make them look pretty then they will always be there looking up ta you inspiring you! 

2. Comfy cushions that make you happy!

3. A mirror ( always great to reflect the light around the room ).

4. A plant. Add a hint of greenery and lushness by bringing the outside in.

5. A throw that you can wrap yourself in that feels yummy against your skin and looks amazing on  your couch!

6. A yummy candle so you always have pretty flickering light and a gorgeous smell.

7. Music! Its sad to think in many households the TV is on more than the stereo.. music make you feel so good! 

 If you are after some meditation inspo I recommend either one of Melissa Ambrosini's meditation series or your can grab a free one from her website ( link below) This gorgeous girl is changing lives with her movement!

 Here are a couple of little corners of the home that inspire me! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has inspired you to start with a corner and re invigorate your home! 

Where can you create your space? What is your thing! Share this with a friend who could do with some inspiration.



Food images taken by me and lovingly prepared by the girls at www.flawlessfeast.com




 Images from http://www.apartmenttherapy.com and pintrest


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  • Ruby: April 21, 2016

    I love your style!

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